Asset Management & Disposal

Asset Management

We are partnered with Enviro Electronics Ltd, a leading electronics asset management and disposal company. Combining our expertise we provide an extensive refurbishment, returns and recycling end-to-end product lifecycle services allowing for full cradle-to-grave asset management service which is accredited to UKAS ISO leading standards. 

Irrespective of the current environmental debate; it makes absolute economical sense that we better utilise/maximise finite resources by improving micro economic efficiency, which too often is responsible for mismanaged/misallocated resources; causing needless additional negative pressures, not just on revenue margins but on the environment.


60 billion pounds are lost every year through product returns alone in the UK. Through our combined extensive reach into product life-cycle management across various sectors, we can implement an effective returns management system which potentially decreases the amount of revenue a company looses due to mismanagement of goods during the supply-chain. Goods which cannot be redeployed can also be re-routed through other recycling channels which may generate additional revenue as a means to reduce losses where-other would have been lost absolutely. 

Refurbish | Re-purpose

Time is money and the most cost-effective form of recycling is through re-use. Therefore we primarily aim to re-purpose and/or refurbish electrical items wherever possible to extend their life-span and thus their environmental impact. Our strategy enables companies to recoup revenues with the least additional costs, together with the minimum amount of time to be redeployed back to market. 


Any items under the WEEE Directive which firstly cannot be economically re-used are recycled thus re-directed away from landfill. Cleansed materials can then be re-utilised to make new products, lessening the need for existing finite raw materials to be excavated, ultimately reducing our impact  minimising carbon footprint are or repurposed maintaing zero landfill policy and ISO 14001 UKAS industry standards. 

Any storage mediums i.e. Hard Drives, Data Tapes, CD's etc can be wiped and/or physically destroyed using latest industry hardware 

       On-site Data Storage Crushing 
       UKAS 27001 Information Security Approved
        Off-site Shredding

         Security Vetted Staff 

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