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Bulk Storage

Space Intensive Storage

A large proportion of our warehouse floor space is dedicated to high volume palletised bulk loads which are stacked in blocks usually 2-3 pallets high, and in channels for easy access.

This type of storage lends itself to:

  • Storage Tanks, Vats, Drums & Silos – Ideal for liquid storage and wet products

  • Sacks – Typically for dry flowable material i.e. grain, salts and chippings

  • IBC Containers – Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) for a variety of materials from food stuff ingredients to hazardous materials.

  • Building Materials i.e. lumber

  • Ton Bulk Bags containing dry powders, raw material and recyclable goods i.e. plastics and detergents 

As they can received as a full pallet and dispatched as a full pallet reducing labour time otherwise spent on fulfilment, allowing the customer to receive cheaper RH&D and storage rates for their goods.

Acris Bulk Bag Storage.jpg
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