Storage & Archiving

We can help you manage, store and access your documents, whilst: 

Reducing your storage costs & capacity

Enhancing information retrieval

Maintaining compliance 

Reducing risk

Our archive service allows you to clear surplus documents which don’t require regular access but still requires retention. The bulk of that filing system which is sitting unused and getting steadily harder to navigate can be logged and relocated to a purpose-designed document storage facility where you know it is safely, securely stored for the long-term. So it will be there when you need it, but not under your feet when you don’t.

Increasing numbers of businesses are opting for professional external support for their records storage. This is because external records storage provides the joint advantages of:

The security of your documents is critical.  We’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure our secure document storage facilities are fully protected against theft, fire and flood and also make certain every member of our team is thoroughly security cleared and adheres to the highest industry standards.

Protect your Records with our Offsite records management.


Indexing and Bar Coding

Once your documents have reached the hands of our dependable archive storage staff they will be allocated an index number and barcoded to enable FAST document retrieval.

A managed notification of destruction date will also be given to ensure we do not store your documents or business files any longer than is necessary.

Scalable space for your archives, so you never have to face the constraints of having to buy or lease new facilities to store your records

A flexible and comprehensive document management system which will allow you to view full information about your inventory at the click of a mouse

Purpose-built facilities which provide optimum conditions to preserve and protect your records, including dry, aerated environments and sophisticated security systems

We are proud to meet document storage standards for key industry sectors including the NHS, local government organisations and financial institutions.

Your documents are stored and managed in our highly secure warehouse that boasts a comprehensive range of enhanced features to ensure their complete protection. 

       Early smoke detection alert system, 
        Access Control systems, 
        24/7 CCTV monitoring

         Security Vetted Staff

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