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shredded waste paper with full chain of custody

Document Management & Destruction

Secure Wheelie Bins

Designed for high volume lockable secure disposal of your confidential waste paper as it is discarded. With two wheels they can be stationed conveniently around your organisation to allow staff to drop in their waste paper which is to be destroyed and recycled.

Full Chain of Custody

Destruction to BSEN 15713

Flexible Contracts

All paper Recycled

Certificate of Destruction

confidential waste shredding doncaster

Onsite | On-the-move | Offsite Safeguarding.

We provide 140, 240 and 360 Litre lockable bins which are fitted with a confidentiality slot and cover which guides the paper in without allowing the contents to be viewed. Simply fill the bin(s) at your convenience and we effortlessly exchange it when full.

Lock on Close Security

Confidentiality Slot

Secure vehicle replacement swap out.

Solid steel galvanised wheel axle with solid wheel tyres.

Standards & Conformity tested to EN840 - DIN30700. (EN840

is the Europe wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety

lockable waste paper bins with confidential slot lid
240 and 360 litre lockable bins for storage and carriage of confidential documents paper
free lockable document waste bins

  Fill               Replace          Transport                 Shred            Download Docs

Online Management

Certficates of Destruction are made available via your online audit account which you access via our web portal giving you a clear and comprehensive archived trail readily downloabale in PDF format to ensure full compliance.

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