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UK and Euro Recycled Plastic pallets.

Standard UK Industrial Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Our fully recycled HDPE plastic pallets are a popular choice amongst organisations which transport and store laden and dynamic heavy goods (up to 1250kg) for lengthy periods and therefore need extra assurance they will not falter and give way, especially when racked at height.

They are designed to withstand the daily rigors of multimodal logistics and can be kept in use for up to 10 years meaning they last 3 times longer than standard wooden pallets carrying similar weight providing a significant return on investment. 

There are 3 rounded skids for easy access with no bottom brace on two sides to allow easy access via pallet trucks, and interlock stacking when not in use to save on storage space.

Medium Duty Euro Plastic Pallet

Our Medium Duty plastic Euro pallets are made from a high grade  recycled HDPE plastic and can store up to 1000kg (gross) weight whilst in motion and up to 500kg (gross weight) when racked at height.,


The top based has an open deck configuration with 7mm retaining lips around the perimeter which provide extra stability when carrying full loads in transit. 

The pallets have 3 skids for easy pallet truck accessibility and there is no bottom brace on either shorter side of the pallet so they can be simply interlocked when stacked to save on space and thus condensed into low height storage.


Hygiene Plastic Pallet

Both standard UK and Euro sizes available in a variety of colours depending to differentiate between the different types of product being stored and carried. 

Pallets are medium duty and have a flat bed with no gaps or compartments to prevent dirt, grime or liquid ingress, perfect for highly sanitised areas, clean rooms and food preparation sites. 


They can also be easily steam cleaned due to the smooth surface and being made from virgin HDPE material means they do not absorb dangerous chemicals or substances which otherwise could potentially contaminate sensitive products i.e. food ingredients and pharmaceutical products.

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