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Shipping Container Cleaning and Repairs

Shipping Containers

Our mobile engineers can provide on and offsite maintenance checks and remedial repairs to your fleet of cargo shipping containers alongside our storage services or as standalone service. 

We can provide certified coded welding to patch areas where damage, rust and wear or water ingress has occurred.

Replace rubber door seals, handles and levers whist repairing hinges and lock mechanisms to ensure doors are fully functioning and air tight.

And remove splintered wooden flooring and protruding nails which contribute to potential damaging of stock during the loading and unloading process.

We also possess the necessary cleaning facilities to deodorise and decontaminate your shipping containers. Dry cleaning such as sweeping and vacuuming can  be undertaken to remove debris and dry waste from destuffing/unloading whilst we can also provide rapid swish rinsing services or power jet wash and steam cleaning services for tougher contaminates. 


Cleaning Services Include


Sweep and Swish Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Only



Power Jet Washing


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