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Bespoke Warehouse Management System

Our purpose built bespoke warehouse management system can be integrated with customers own warehouse managment system or can be used as a standalone system.

Customers are allocated their own web-based portal where they can create master accounts and sub-accounts based on warehouse location(s) and the role of each company delegate. 

Inbound goods are automatically entered into a digital database enabling delegates to login and view pallet contents, locations, weights, quantities, SKU's, FIFO (first-in-first-out) and product reference numbers.


Inventory levels based on each stock keeping unit are then calculated per week with the total number of incoming goods added and the amount of pallets dispatched deducted providing an accurate overview of the amount of bulk goods billed per pallet that particular week. 

Dispatch notes can be uploaded to customer accounts wherein goods will be automatically scanned and uploaded onto the despatch section so each corresponding delegate can cross reference against their paperwork to ensure the correct goods are due to be loaded and sent.


Once goods are loaded onto transport, dispatch notes are finalised and each delegate receives notification of outbound goods. This can be accessed and printed in PDF format for evidencing.

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