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Multi - Industry Asset Tracking

Returnable Transit Packaging.

Our patented technology has enabled companies from many aspects of the supply chain to successfully monitor their high-value goods via our GPS Smart Cart™ cages with complete piece of mind that they can track their assets/stock regardless of how remote they are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Maximise Asset Utilisation

Ensure all your assets are in constant use throughout your network from suppliers to customers.

Deliver where and when needed

Ensure the right cages and pallets are in the right place at the right time.

Tailor your forecasting

Identify patterns of use, plan and cope with peak periods, blend purchase and lease options to reduce your investment.

Smooth replenishment

Improve availability of your cages and pallets to clients to eliminate shortages and emergency replenishment.

Optimise route planning

Know the exact location of your cages/stillages to integrate deliveries and pick-ups with existing routes.

Reduce Net losses

Leverage our proven GPS technology to minimise disappearing cages/stillages, identify leak points, aid retention and maximise efficieny, gps RFID roll cages, roll trollies,
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Your are only as secure as your weakest point.

Further to reducing the overall net cost new cages our smartcarts™ eradicate the problem most companies have when goods are eventually dispatched from site and are left vulnerable whilst in transit or are stored on third-party sites where security may not be as stringent.


Our technology can be applied to a vast array of handling goods.

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