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UK and Euro Wooden Pallet Supply

We supply new, used and refurbished standard UK and Euro wooden pallets in any volumes to companies across the UK sending products inland or overseas.


Standard UK Industrial Pallet

Our Grade B Budget reconditioned/used UK pallets are our most popular option, perfect for industrial and warehouse use, carrying non-food / non-perishable products inland.

There are 3 skids for easy access with no bottom brace on two sides to allow easy access via pallet trucks, and interlock stacking when not in use to save on storage space.

Each pallet can be lifted via all four sides and can hold up to 750kg (gross) weight per pallet.


Euro Pallet

Our Heavy Duty EPAL Euro pallets are made from a higher grade timber and can carry up to 2500kg in (gross) weight, suitable for sending condensed heavy loads across continent making it cheaper to deliver but also able to withstand the rigors of cross border transport.

The pallets have 3 reinforced skids for easy pallet truck accessibility and there is no bottom brace on either shorter side of the pallet so they can be simply interlocked when stacked to save on space and headroom.


Grade A Pallets

Our brand-new Grade A UK size pallets are made from virgin timber material with a smooth cut finish to prevent contamination making them suitable for transporting food product, perishable goods and food-related packaging.

The lats are closer together than typical pallets and sit on 3 skids making it easy for pump trucks to access and lift pallets. They can also be stacked and interlocked for space saving.


Bulk pallet orders can be delivered on 24 and 48 hour turn around to your business address with delivery included within a 30 mile radius of Doncaster. For companies requiring pallets Nationwide please give us a call for a quote today.

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